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General House Keeping

We groom in a super cool grooming trailer that was designed for mobile pet grooming, this is AT OUR HOUSE. Please be respectful to our home and our neighbors. Clean up after your pets, drive slowly and respect the fact that we do not allow customers into our home. When you drop off/pick up for your appointment you can come up to the house to get me (If I'm not outside) but other than that please conduct all business at my grooming trailer. We DO NOT take walk ins and would appreciate for people to not show up to our house unannounced. If you ever need to get ahold of me a text message will get you the fastest response but Saturday & Sunday we are closed and I do not answer grooming related messages.


We require proof that all pets are UTD on the Rabies vaccine because it is required by FL law.

All other vaccines are between you and your vet. All equipment is sanitized between pets, so there is no risk of disease transmission. NOTE: We do not accept pets who are displaying symptoms of illness or injury unless cleared by a vet for not being contagious and the pet can be safely groomed. 

Drop Off

Due to the nature of being cage free and focusing all of our attention on each pet, we cannot accept pets that are more than 15 minutes early or late. You can always call and see if we can make an exception but please know that we cannot always accommodate changes and want to make sure every client receives the top notch care that we strive for. When you arrive for your appointment please come up to the house. We will discuss your pet's needs and agree upon what services should be rendered. I will get a good phone number to give you a call when your pet is ready. You do not need to wait for your pet and due to the small grooming space and for insurance reasons, anyone other than me cannot be inside the grooming area. You may wait in your car or I will call you when your pet is ready.

Pick Up
You will receive a phone call when your pet is 15 minutes from being finished, it is expected all pets are picked up within 30 minutes from completion. Any pets picked up after that time may be crated and will be charged a late pick up fee of $25/per hour (rounded up). Please reach out ASAP if circumstances arise that may prevent your from being able to pick up your pet.

We are located in Arlington Hills in Jacksonville, FL. We live off Merrill road near the I95N, I295S, Southside Connector interchange. 

Difficult/Aggressive Pets
I will try any pet including pets who have a history of not being able to be groomed. I have had success with many "ungroomable" pets but your pet and my safety is always number one. I have the right to refuse or cease services for any pet. Please disclose any bite history at drop off, failure to do so may result in criminal charges if I am injured. I use basket style muzzles to prevent any breathing issues and I have the right to use a muzzle any time I feel it's for the safety of myself or your pet. Difficult pets (including pets who are aggressive, anxious or have medical issues that prevent them from being able to be groomed without extra measures) may be charged an additional fee ranging from $5-$40.


No Shows/ Cancellations

No shows hurt the business and other clients. I understand things happen but please let me know ASAP if you need to cancel or reschedule. We have a 3 strikes policy for no shows (a no show is not contacting us BEFORE the start time of your appointment). The first time a client no shows, they get a warning and a copy of our No Show policy. The second no show will have a $25 cancellation fee charged that must be paid prior to booking and the third no show will result in us no longer being able to groom your pet. Cancellations made within 24 hours of their appointment may also be considered a no show.


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