Why should I use a mobile groomer? 

Mobile grooming offers a convenient way to have your pets groomed. We come to you so no worrying about getting your pet to/from the groomer. We also have no other pets with us, so not only does your pet get all of our attention, mobile grooming is less stressful for your pet since they are not caged. Mobile grooming is also quicker for your pet, I can finish most pets within 1-1.5 hours vs 4+ at a salon. 

What vaccines do you require?

I require the Rabies vaccine because it is required by FL law. All other vaccines are between you and your vet. All equipment is sanitized between pets, so there is no risk of disease transmission. NOTE: We do not accept pets who are displaying symptoms of illness or injury unless cleared by a vet for not being contagious and the pet can be safely groomed. 

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We are licensed to operate a business in Jacksonville and have the proper insurance on our trailer.

What do I need to provide?
Parking. That's it. (and your pet!) I have a 6x12 trailer plus the car that pulls it. So I need somewhere I can easily pull in to preferably on a level road or driveway. The trailer is fully self sufficient when it comes to electricity and water. It is recommended not to book on trash day because it limits street parking. 


What areas do you service?
Currently Serving Arlington, Southside, Mandarin, Beaches, Mayport & Ponte Verde

Do you service families in apartments/condos/townhouses?
Rarely. I need a large area to park so there has to be ample parking. If your complex offers parking for oversized vehicles or a large visitor parking lot (and allows a trailer to take up multiple spots), then it's possible. Otherwise I do not.


Can my family/friends/neighbors bring their pets the same time as mine? 
Yes. I do not have much room in my trailer for extra dogs but can definitely do multiple pets at the same address. This may also save you a few dollars as I have a multi pet discount.


Can you groom my pet at my work?
Yes, as long as there is ample parking for an oversized vehicle and the business and land owner do not mind having a mobile grooming unit on the premises including the noise associated with the generator. I am not able to hold your pet after they are finished, so you will have to either arrange to bring your pet to work with you or have a friend pick him up as soon as he is finished.

Can you go on base?

Yes. I have a military ID and have base access to groom dogs in base housing.