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General House Keeping

We groom in a super cool grooming trailer that was designed for mobile pet grooming, your home MUST have on the street parking and ample turn around space for a 12 ft trailer. We cannot service homes on dead end streets (except houses in courts with turn around space), homes on busy streets, homes with no on street parking or apartments with assigned parking unless the complex has given you permission to allow us to park along side of a curb. We CAN service base housing on base & businesses with parking lots.


We require proof that all pets are UTD on the Rabies vaccine because it is required by law. All equipment is sanitized between pets, so there is little risk of disease transmission. NOTE: We do not accept pets who are displaying symptoms of illness or injury unless cleared by a vet for not being contagious and the pet can be safely groomed. 


When we arrive we will take a minute to get everything set up for your pet, we will then come to your door and greet you and your pet. We will discuss all necessary things about the grooming process and take your pet for their spa day. Due to our insurance and lack of space, you cannot watch from inside the trailer and leaving the door open is a safety issue for your pet plus most pets do better without their parents present, if there is an issue we will immediately let you know. If we arrive and you are not home (and we haven't made prior arrangements) you will be charged a $50 no show fee, if we arrive and there is no safe parking then we will not be able to groom your pet and your $25 deposit will not be refunded. 

Pick Up
Your pet will be promptly brought back to you as soon as their groom is complete with any care instructions. Payment must be collected prior to the completion of your pet's groom; we accept Cash, Credit Card, Venmo & Zelle. If paying in cash, exact change must be given as we do not usually carry any change. Credit Card/Zelle are our preferred payment methods and invoices will be sent during your pet's groom as soon as we know the total.

Locations Serviced
We currently service the entire Penninsula (Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg & Yorktown), Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth & Parts of VA Beach, Chesapeake, and Isle of Wight County. 

Difficult/Aggressive Pets
We will attempt to groom any pet including pets who have a history of not being able to be groomed. We have had success with many   "ungroomable" pets, but your pet's and our safety is always number one. We have the right to refuse or cease services for any pet that's exhibiting aggressive behavior or who is in distress from the grooming process. Please disclose any bite history at drop off. We use basket style muzzles to prevent any breathing issues and have the right to use a muzzle any time we feel it's for the safety of us or your pet.

Difficult pets (including pets who are aggressive, anxious or have medical issues that prevent them from being able to be groomed without extra measures) may be charged an additional fee ranging from $10-$50 depending on the severity and extra time needed. Please do not sedate your pet without our prior consent.

No Shows/ Cancellations

No shows hurt the business and other clients. We understand things happen that are out of your control, but please let us know ASAP if you need to cancel or reschedule. Any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment is considered a no show and will result in a $40 rebooking fee. If we show up to your house and you have not rescheduled there will be a $50 charge. Repeat no shows may result in our inability to serve you in the future.


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