Why should I use a mobile groomer? 

Mobile grooming offers a convenient way to have your pets groomed. We come to you so no worrying about getting your pet to/from the groomer. We also have no other pets with us, so not only does your pet get all of our attention, mobile grooming is less stressful for your pet since they are not caged. Mobile grooming is also quicker for your pet, I can finish most pets within 1-1.5 hours vs 4+ at a salon. 

What vaccines do you require?

I require the Rabies vaccine because it is required by FL law. All other vaccines are between you and your vet. All equipment is sanitized between pets, so there is no risk of disease transmission. NOTE: We do not accept pets who are displaying symptoms of illness or injury unless cleared by a vet for not being contagious and the pet can be safely groomed. 

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We are licensed to operate a business in Jacksonville and have the proper insurance on our trailer. 

What do I need to provide?

Parking. That's it. (and your pet!) I have a 6x12 trailer plus the car that pulls it. So I need somewhere I can easily pull in to preferably on a level road or driveway. The trailer is fully self sufficient when it comes to electricity and water. It is recommended not to book on Trashday because it limits street parking. 

What areas do you service?

Currently serving most of Greater Arlington & the Beaches in Jacksonville, FL.

Do you service families in apartments/condos/townhouses?

Maybe. I need a large area to park so there has to be ample parking. If your complex offers parking for oversized vehicles or a large visitor parking lot (and allows a trailer to take up multiple spots), then yes, I do. Otherwise I do not.

Can my family/friends/neighbors bring their pets the same time as mine? 

Yes. I do not have much room in my trailer for extra dogs but can definitely do multiple pets at the same address. This may also save you a few dollars as I have a multi pet discount.

Can you groom my pet at my job?

Yes, as long as there is ample parking for an oversized vehicle and the business and land owner do not mind having a mobile grooming unit on the premises including the noise associated with the generator. I am not able to hold your pet after they are finished, so you will have to either arrange to bring your pet to work with you or have a friend pick him up as soon as he is finished.



















Can you come to my house and groom my pets while I'm not home?

Yes. I have plenty of "latchkey" pets. Just make sure I have a way to enter your home and you have signed the release waiver and discussed the groom with me prior to my arrival. I cannot groom your pet without the signed waiver. I will also walk your pets for a quick potty break at no extra charge before and after their groom.

Why are your prices so high?

Mobile grooming has a lot of overhead costs compared to a salon. The gas to run the vehicle and generator, the customization of the trailer, taking in less clients, insurance, taxes and other miscellaneous costs which means pricing has to reflect that. You are also paying for the experience of a groomer who has multiple "Master Groomer" certificates and over a decade of experience. When all is said and done mobile grooming really isn't that  much more than the same services at a salon with a comparable groomer. I do offer frequent customer programs for pets who come see me often and Military/First Responder discounts. 

How far do you book out?

This is very dependent on the time of year but you can expect to need to plan 1-2 weeks in advance. It is always highly recommended you book at the time of your prior appointment.

Do you work weekends and holidays?

No. The weekends are spent showing dogs or spending time with my family. I am closed all major holidays and if schools are closed for special work days or inclimate weather, I am closed too. 



Can I stay with my pet?

There isn't room in the trailer for another person and insurance doesn't allow it. Most pets (even if they're apprehensive at first) do better when their away from their owners. Every pet is treated with the same care and concern as I would expect for my own pets. If a problem arises and I feel the pet would do best with you present, we will find a way to make it happen.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. I can also invoice via Paypal and accept direct deposit from Navy Federal Credit Union members. 

What is your cancellation policy?

I ask that you please cancel within 24 hours of your appointment to allow someone else to have your spot. I almost always have a waiting list. If you don't cancel more than 24 hours in advance there may be additional charges or refusal of service on your next groom. If I show up to your house and you do not answer the door (unless you have a "latchkey" pet) there is a $40 no show fee that must be paid before booking another appointment. There is a three strikes policy for both cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment and no shows, if either happen more than three times I may have to refuse service in order to serve my other clients who are waiting for appointments.

What time will you be here?

There is an hour window of which I will arrive. In rare instances I may be running behind since I take the time to make sure each animal I groom gets all my attention. Some pets take longer than others. I never rush a groom or a nervous dog who may need me to move slower. Jacksonville traffic can also be unpredictable at times. If I know I will be later than 30 minutes past your scheduled time, I will call you to give you a better ETA. If this effects your day and you are no longer able to keep your appointment (as long as you let me know BEFORE I arrive) there will be no fee or other repercussions of cancellation. 

Do you work in inclimate weather?

It Depends. If the schools are closed for weather, so am I. I will call and reschedule ASAP. If it is below freezing I may have to reschedule if my bathing system is frozen. My trailer is climate controlled so your pet will always be comfortable.

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