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What is home based grooming?

Home based grooming is pet grooming done in a small portion of the groomers home. In our case, we use our retired mobile grooming trailer that lives at our house in the Arlington Area of Jacksonville, FL. Your pet(s) are the only pets present during their groom which relieves stress and anxiety. Pets are not caged and we are a Fear- Free grooming facility. We only take about 3 dogs per day so your pet gets all of the attention and pampering during his scheduled appointment time. We still use all the same state of the art equipment and high quality shampoos a busy salon uses but can offer more one on one individual time. Gone are the days where your pet must spend all day at the groomer only to have the groomer rush through grooming him due to time constraints, we can finish most pets within an hour but have the ability to take our time with pets who may need some extra attention and love.  

Dog Spa

Whether you're new to having your pet groomed or just new to home based pet grooming, you probably have questions on what to expect. This section will walk you through the mobile pet grooming experience.


When you arrive you will be greeted by your groomer. The groomer will then discuss grooming options and answer any questions or concerns you have then will take your pet with them for their spa day! The groomer will then take your pet into our 12 foot, self contained trailer that has its own electricity, water tank and climate control to name a few features. 

The grooming process time differs depending upon services performed, the condition of the coat and the behavior of the dog. Our groomer never rushes and gives each pet 100% of their attention through the grooming process.

The groomer first assesses the condition of the coat to make the decision on the best coat products to use, they then bathe them.

After the bath, your pet is sprayed with a moisturizing leave in conditioner and they are blow dried with a no heat dryer then have their fur brushed out.

Nails, ears and any sanitary trimming are performed next. If your pet isn't having their haircut, they're sprayed with coat conditioning cologne and are ready for you to come get them (your groomer will call you when your pet is about 15 minutes from being ready to go home).

If your pet is getting their hair trimmed, then that is the next and final step. Once your pet is completed your groomer will vacuum any residual hair and clean/sanitize their equipment. Your pet is then returned directly to you, feeling fresh and clean.

Your groomer then will address any concerns they noted (if any) and get payment.

All the fur and dirt are fully contained in the trailer, so you are left with a clean and happy pup!


If you have any additional questions don't forget to checkout our FAQs page or you can contact us directly.

Wet Cat
Image by Anthony Duran

The following products are what we stock and use on pets. We only use the absolute best products that share our values in using effective and safe ingredients for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens:

General Purpose Shampoo- Chubbs Bar Soap, Best Shot Ultramax, Isle of Dog​ Deep Clean, Best Shot Dirty Dog

Deshedding/Dematting Treatment- Best Shot 3 Step System

Deskunking/Odor Removing Treatment- Best Shot One Shot De-odorizing treatment

Degreasing Shampoo- Best Shot Ultramax or Best Shot Dirty Dog

Flea and Tick Treatment- Tropiclean Flea and Tick Shampoo 

Vet Strength Medicated Shampoo- Davis Ketohexidine OR Benzoyle Peroxide Shampoo

Medicated/Anti Itch Shampoo- Tropiclean Oxy Med Shampoo OR Best Shot M.E.D. Shampoo

Coat Color enhancing shampoos- Chris Christensen Black on Black, CC White on White, CC Red on Red

Cologne- Best Shop Spa Scentaments Seasonal Scents & Isle of dog colognes

Sprays- Best Shot Leave in Conditioner, Best Shot M.E.D. Topical Spray, Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray, CC Waterless Shampoo, Best Shot One Shot deodorizing spray

Disinfectant- Odoban (tub and table are cleaned between each pet), floor is steam mopped nightly with Odoban; Barbicide (Blades, Scissors, Brushes and Combs between each pet).

Hairless Breeds- Chubbs Bar Soap brown sugar scrub, Apricot scrubbing shampoo

Teeth Brushing- Tropiclean products

Hair Dying- Opaws & Artic Fox

Ear Cleaner- Chlorihexidine Ear Flush

We proudly use Andis, Wahl, Furzone, Mars Coat King, Chris Christensen, Millers Forge, Furminator and other high quality grooming tools.