Meet Your Groomer

My name is Renee and I have been involved with dogs my entire life. I showed my first dog at 12 and never looked back! I have certificates in canine nutrition and dermatology along with "master groomer" certification in Sporting breeds. Away from dogs I am a mother of two toddlers. My husband serves in the Navy and we live in Jacksonville but home is Norfolk, VA. On the weekends you can find us training/showing dogs. We breed and show Flat Coated Retrievers & American Hairless Terriers, you can visit our kennel page to learn more about our breeding program! I hope to get to learn more about your family soon!


Interview with your groomer

1. What is your name?

My name is Renee' Sainato

2. How long have you been grooming dogs?

I have been grooming show dogs since I was twelve but have been working as an all breed pet groomer for 15 years.

3. How long has Busy Disi Pet Services been in business?

We first opened in 2016 as an in home groomer, we became mobile in 2018 but decided in 2021 after relocating to Jacksonville, FL that we would go back to home based grooming.

4. What is your favorite breed of dog to groom and why?

I have quite a few breeds I absolutely love to groom; Sporting breeds, especially retrievers, because they have my heart. I also enjoy deshedding Huskies & German Shepherds, I love how great they look when they're finished. I like breeds with drop coats like Yorkies, Shih Tzus, etc. because I find the coat easy to groom. I, of course, like the curly coated breeds like poodles, doodles, etc. because they can really transform with a good grooming! Finally, I love double- coated, plush breeds like Pomeranians & Chows because they look like teddy bears when they're finished! Okay, I really just like all breeds ;-) 

5. How do you insure pets aren't injured during the grooming process?

I worked for a vet and learned proper veterinary restraint for both dogs & cats. I also have taken many courses in animal behavior and body language, I use this knowledge to move at the animals pace in grooming. This helps prevent the animal from injuring themselves. I never leave a pet unattended in the tub or on my table (on rare occasions when I need to leave a pet unattended for a moment, the animal is placed on the floor). I don't take phone calls/texts while I'm grooming to limit distractions. I also have basket style muzzles that will not interfere with an animal's breathing that I will use as a last resort for everyone's safety.

6. How do you deal with pets with anxiety or afraid?

I watch their body language and allow them to dictate the speed of the groom. I never rush. I adjust my handling of the animal to suit their needs. Some pets need a cheerleader and some need someone who's confident and fast. I can do both or something in between. 

7. What made you decide to be a pet groomer?

I was in school to become a trainer and spent a week helping in a grooming salon, I enjoyed it so much I changed my career path and became a groomer. I enjoy my job wholeheartedly and couldn't imagine doing something else!

8. How do you avoid clipper rash/ razor burn?

I only use clean, cool and sharp blades. I play close attention to the angle that I'm using my clippers at. If I think a dog is at risk for clipper irritation; especially if I know they're sensitive or matted, I was the dog in an aloe based shampoo and use an after shave spray. Obviously, some dogs are just sensitive but I do my best to prevent any irritation. If I notice before the pet leaves, I always notify the owner. 

9. Have you ever cut a dog?

Yes. Anyone who is a groomer has (if they say they haven't they are either lying or aren't a groomer). Cuts and nicks are inevitable when working with pets. Pets that are matted or wiggly have a significant higher chance of injury which is why I groom with the pet's safety in mind. Sometimes that means do (or not doing) a haircut that may not be what the owner had in mind. It also means turning away untrained pets or recommending the pet see a vet for a sedative. While cuts are rare when they happen basic first aid is applied and the owner is notified, vet care is sought if needed but 99% of the time these cuts are superficial and just need to be monitored/kept clean. 

10. How do you insure you aren't bitten or scratched by pets?

I know animal body language very well and respect warning signs from the animal. I am trained in restraint which reduces the risk of injury to myself & the pet. If I feel it's warranted, I use basket style muzzles to protect myself and the pet. I try to trim nails first to prevent scratches as well. I can also admit when I am not equipped to groom a specific, high anxiety pet and will refer to a vet who has the tools to make the groom less stressful for the pet which ensures the safety of the groomer. 

Renee's Pack


Ember- Flat Coated Retriever


Siren- American Hairless Terrier


Epic- Flat Coated Retriever


Barrett- German Shepherd Mix


Sig- Belgian Malinois

242905416_10158411324547005_6585875394417627648_n (1).jpg

Ever- Flat Coated Retriever


Martini- Cat


Ouija- American Hairless Terrier

Who is Disi?

"Disi" is what we in the dog show world refer to as my "novice A" dog. He is my first well-bred, purebred dog. He is my first dog I ever put AKC titles on. He has spent the better part of the last 9 years by my side. He is what they call a "heart dog". He's watched me grow from reckless teenager into a wife and mother. He's introduced me to people I would have never met. He's made me laugh and he's humbled me. Disi has taken me all over the country showing and is always ready for our next adventure. I'm sure every one of you have a "Disi" in your life and I promise to care for them just like my Disi. 

AKC GCH/ UKC CH UWPCH Deep Run's Zoom Zoom CGC BN CD RE NA NAJ NF AXP AJP XFP DSX DM AMX3 TKI NADD Hall of Fame "Disi"- Flat Coated Retriever 08/16/2010- 02/03/2020