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"Renee is absolutely amazing! I have a 70+ lbs Siberian Husky who is quite particular about who he likes. Renee is a dog whisperer for sure! My fluffy boy always looks amazing when she's done. She works super fast and has been so flexible with me apt. wise."

--Corrie A. Norfolk

"Phenomenal! She did an amazing job with our 3 doodles and she works quick!! We will be returning time and time again!"

--Emily S. Va Beach

"we are pcsing and wanted to get my little guy all fixed up for the upcoming travels. We took him to petsmart and and they told us they would have to shave him naked to get rid of the mattes!! I walked out and turned to Facebook to find some one!!!!! Renee did an amazing job on cola!!!!!"

--Megan R. Norfolk

"Does a great job on our dogs Luke Bryan and Molly and we like that she's cage free takes one dog at a time, Thanks Renee"

--Ted B. Norfolk

"Renee was very sweet, fast, and answered all my dog care questions! Puggy looks and smells amazing! Our kids got a kick out of him with his adorable bandanna. Thank you so much!!!

--Francine F. Chesapeake

"I couldn't have found a more caring groomer. Our Aussie had a rough life before us, and Renee took that in to account during our appointment. She let me stay, and that meant the world to me. We are so happy with the service we received. We will be returning."

--Lela G. Norfolk

"Renee is simply amazing. She grooms all of my dogs. When it was time to say goodbye to my Dane last year, she indulged us with pink nail polish and a matching bandana for her going away party. Really made things special."

--Monica M. Portsmouth

"So quick to respond when I was setting up times to drop off my dog and she's so good with her! She's a pretty timid girl, but Renee does a great job with her every time!"

--Makelle B. Norfolk

"Renee is the best! She was patient with my very skittish little girl (this dog is afraid of everyone & everything!) and did a great job grooming her. I won’t say that now ‘Zooka looks forward to it, but she is way more comfortable. This brings me to my GSD mix, Wrigley. He is super sensitive about his feet. Renee is the only one that can clip his nails. Our vet could not even do it with Big Wrig on sedatives! Again, I won’t say he likes it, but he lets her do it! I gladly recommend Renee to all my friends."

--Jill P. Va Beach

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