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Pet Grooming

All grooming takes place in our climate controlled mobile grooming trailer parked at my house. We are cage free and fear free certified. Your pet (s) will be the only animals being groomed at the time. 

Bath Package- Includes Bath in high quality shampoo that is best for your pet's skin & coat type, conditioner, deshedding treatment (on Medium & Longhaired breeds), blow dry, brush out, nail trim, nail grinding, ear cleaning & teeth brushing.

**Dematting and difficult pet services are $5-$40 extra depending upon severity **

Add Ons

(Bath package only)

Paw Pad Shave- $5

Foot Trim- $10

Sanitary Trim- $5

Clean (Poodle) Feet- $15

Face Trim- $10

Dematting- $5-$40

Difficult Pet- $5-$40

Flea & Tick- $10-$25

Haircut Package- Includes everything in bath package, plus agreed upon haircut

**Dematting, Difficult Dog & Complex haircut services are $5-$40 extra depending upon severity/difficulty **

Add Ons

(Haircut package only)

Hand Scissoring- $5-$50

Dematting- $5-$40

Difficult Pet- $5-$30

Flea & Tick- $5-$25

We believe in humanity before vanity when it comes to pets' comfort, therefore all dematting services will only be offered with your pet's comfort in mind. In the case of severe matting, the only dematting service offered will be shaving the coat. This will be discussed upon drop off. 


These are base prices and may increase due to the add ons listed above. Pets with fleas MUST have the flea and tick add on. 

**All prices are starting prices-- while our services are all inclusive we do charge extra for difficult/aggressive pets, dematting & more complex haircuts.**


We use only the highest quality products. These are the same products used on dogs that have won Best In Show at the Westminster Dog Show!

Shampoos & Conditioners- Isle of Dogs, Best Shot, Davis Vet Strength Shampoo, Tropiclean, Chris Christensen & Chubs Bar Soap

Leave in Conditioners & Colognes- Isle of Dogs, Best Shot, Crown Royale & The Stuff

Dog Breed Bath Coat Length Chart

Mixed breeds, including designer mixed breeds will be compared to the breed the dog phenotypically resembles the most. (ie. a Goldendoodle generally resembles a standard poodle and would fall under that pricing)

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