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Pet Sitting

We now offer multiple pet sitting options to suit your needs!


In your Home

In Our Home

Some pets feel a lot more comfortable staying in their own home & we completely get that. That's why we offer pet sitting in your home! Each visit consists of 30 minutes of care for your pet(s). This care includes, feeding, medicating, pottying, cleaning up after, playing with, walking & cuddling your pet(s). Additionally we will water your plants & bring in your mail too! You will receive daily email updates & pictures of your pets while your away. We have experience caring for Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Fish, Birds, Small Animals & Livestock (both large and small). We only offer pet sitting in your home for addresses in Hampton, VA. If you live outside of Hampton, we are more than happy to board your pet in our home while you're away.

Prices are as follows:

1 Visit per day: $20/day up to 2 pets 

2 Visits per day: $30/day up to 2 pets

3 Visits per day: $45/day up to 2 pets

4 Visits per day: $55/day up to 2 pets

doggie field trip add on- $15/field trip

each additional visit is $15 per visit.

additional pets are $5 per visit per pet. Caged pets are counted as 1 pet per enclosure. 


We also offer boarding in our home. We live in the Wythe area of Hampton on a half acre lot. The backyard is fully fenced with a 6ft privacy fence. Dogs live inside of our house and of course we allow dogs on all of our furniture! Dogs are allowed to play most of the day with our personal & doggie daycare dogs. If the weather is nice we try to spend time outside. If the weather isn't great, we play inside. We even have a treadmill for those pups with extra energy to burn! We have a scheduled quiet time where all pets are offered some type of special enrichment treat such as a stuffed kong or a lick mat to settle down with. We also on occasion offer field trips off the property to play somewhere new. All dogs at our house wear collars with our information and a GPS chip for an extra precaution. At this time we accept dogs, reptiles, and small caged animals only. Dogs must be crate trained. We have dogs, cats & reptiles of our own. If your dog is intact, requires special management around other pets or isn't quite house trained yet they are still  welcome but there will be additional charges for the management of them. We can give any type of medication and accommodate any food schedule but prefer dogs not be free fed if possible. Dogs must be on flea & heartworm prevention & UTD on Rabies, Distemper Parvo, Canine Influenza & Bordetella to stay with us!

Prices are as follows:

Dogs- $25/day per dog

Reptiles & Small caged animals- $10/day per cage

Additional charges-

Intact dogs- $5/day

In season dogs- $10/day

Dogs who aren't house trained- $10/day

Dogs who need special management around other pets- $10/day


Nail Trim & buff- $15

Bath & Deshed (includes nail trim)- 

Small Dog- Starting at $20

Medium Dog- Starting at $30

Large Dog- Starting at $40

XL Dog- Starting at $50

Haircut (includes bath & nail trim)

Small Dog- Starting at $45

Medium Dog- Starting at $65

Large Dog- Starting at $85

XL Dog- Starting at $95

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